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Alaska Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (AK BHA)
Current News
Last updated April 13, 2015

Letter to Alaska Board of Game
Read our April 2015 Letter to Board of Game regarding the public not being alowed to submit sheep proposals for the Statewide 2016 meeting

2014 Alaska Legislative Update
Governor Tag Bill, HB 77, and Guide Concession Program updates

Alaska Dall Sheep Survey Being Conducted
Alaska Board of Game commissions Dall sheep survey

Dall Sheep proposal to Board of Game for 2014 Region III meeting
Should nonresident sheep hunters and the guides they must hire be limited? Read our proposal.

Proposal to the Board of Game on the use of UAV's (drones) for hunting
Will the use of drones for scouting become prevalent? Read our proposal to ban the use of them for hunting.

BLM Eastern Interior Resouce Management Plan Comments
Read our comments opposing BLM's preferred alternative that would greatly expand mining activities and exploration on sensitive lands.

House Bill 77
Read our Letter to Senate Resources Committee opposing HB 77

Will Bear Trapping in Alaska be Legalized?
Read why we OPPOSE ADFG's bear trapping proposal before the Board of Game March 2012.

Taking Action: proposed Chuit River coal strip mine
Learn more about the proposed Chuitna watershed coal strip mine and how to take action.

Noted Alaskan outdoors writer and sportsman speaks out
Read Jim Rearden's comments on the proposed Chuit River coal strip mine.

Salmon or Coal? - The choice is clear
Use this link to send a letter to Governor Parnell asking him to not trade one resource for another.

Chuit River proposed coal strip mine
Read editorial by AK BHA co-chair Dave Lyon.

Spring 2011 Region IV Board of Game meeting
Read our written comments to the Alaska Board of Game Region IV 2011 meeting.

Board of Game meeting October 8-12, 2010
Read proposals regarding changes to the Bear Conservation Policy and Bear Trapping, and how to send in comments.

ADFG Proposes Bear Trapping in Alaska - October 2010
Read AK BHA editorial about proposed changes to the Bear Conservation & Management Policy to allow bear trapping in Alaska.

Editorial by AK BHA co-chair Mark Richards
Read editorial in the Anchorage Daily News regarding changes in F & G policies and appointment of new Wildlife Conservation Director.

AK BHA Comments on HB 267
Read our comments on House Bill 267 to open the Dalton Hwy corridor to snowmachine use.

Hunting License/Tag Fee Increase Proposal
Read AK BHA Letter to Governor Palin and Director Larsen proposing an increase in hunting license/tag fees to better fund Division of Wildlife Conservation.

Rex Trail Administrative Decision by DNR
Read AK BHA comments in support of the DNR decision to temporarily restrict access on the Rex Trail during summer 2008 to only allow vehicles less that 1500 lbs in weight.

Knik River Public Use Area Draft Management Plan
Read AK BHA comments on the final phase of the Knik River Public Use Area draft management plan.

Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge Land Exchange
Read AK BHA comments opposing the proposed land swap between Doyon and the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

Governor Palin's Active Management - Airborne Shooting Bill
Read the AK BHA opinion piece from the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer concerning the Governor's Active Management - Airborne Shooting Bill. (Update: SB 176/HB 256 did not make it to a floor vote, so did not pass)

Fairbanks Area Antlerless Hunt Editorial
Read the AK BHA editorial published in the January 23rd, 2008 Fairbanks Daily Newsminer about how Intensive Management objectives can backfire by creating excessive populations of game that overbrowse and damage habitat, along with other subsequent problems stemming from access abuse by excessive numbers of hunters trying to harvest all those moose.

New Pebble Mine page
AK BHA opposes the giant Pebble Mine project in the Bristol Bay region. Read our position statement and more at the above link.

Wood Bison Restoration in Alaska!
Read our comments supporting wood-bison restoration efforts in interior Alaska (97kb pdf file).

Black Bear Predator Control Program near Anchorage
The Alaska Board of Game recently approved a controversial black bear predation control program in Unit 16B, near Anchorage. Hunters who apply for free "control" permit will be allowed to kill any bear, including sows with cubs, and cubs, with no limit on the amount of bears a permittee can take. Same-day-airborne "hunting" and as many as four bait stations will also be allowed. Read more at the above link about why AK BHA strongly opposes this bear control program.

House Bill 41 - Returning Habitat Division to the Department of Fish and Game
In 2003 at the behest of the mining and timber industries, Governor Frank Murkowski used an executive order to remove habitat permitting authority and protections for our fisheries from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This authority was transferred to the Department of Natural Resources despite the opposition and recommendations of every former Fish & Game commissioner. Read more at the above link on why hunters and anglers need to return the Habitat Division and protections to Fish & Game.

Senate Bill 67 - Establishing the Jay Hammond State Game Refuge in Bristol Bay
SB 67 seeks to provide adequate protections for our land and waters and Fish & Game resources of the Bristol Bay region. The prospect of large-scale projects like Pebble Mine, along with decreased habitat protections inherited from the Murkowski administration, are why we should consider Refuge status for the Bristol Bay region. Read more at the above link.